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So here we are, Spring bursting out all over the island, and a new zombie is about to hit the island roads... Skullface, walking, talking, thinking, arguing, revengeful, is causing mayhem everywhere he goes. That's without taking into account the dead bodies left everywhere...

The Skullface Chronicles will be updated here, come back soon and follow the adventures...


20th February 2013

The Skullface Chronicles are moving on fast! Busy last night, busy today and the story is rolling.

And... a US publisher is looking at the work so far and synopsis.  More as it happens!

oh, by the way, the zombie went on a Wightlink ferry to Portsmouth. Let me know if you think you saw him on board. Apparently he terrified a kid or two.

Final storyline:

There are nine days to go to Halloween when the zombie/monster wakes in his unmarked grave. He forces his way out and begins to question why he was there, who he is, what did he do to be buried in such a place.

            So the story of Skullface, which is what he calls himself, begins.

            The Isle of Wight is a reasonably large place, there are many quiet secluded corners, Skullface needs them, for he needs to kill, to drink the blood and eat the flesh to ‘survive’. He justifies all that he does by argument; the two sides of his mind are in constant battle. It is here the black humour of the book emerges; it is as if there are two minds in the one body.

            In between Skullface’s ‘adventures’, such as attending a Zombie convention and winning the best made up zombie competition, making his kills as discreetly as he can, riding buses, shopping in charity shops for fresh clothes (using the money he got as his prize), he spends a good deal of time going back into his memories, recounting the dysfunctional family he came from, how they coped with his ‘diet’ of raw meat and blood and nothing else, what happened when his siblings discovered he was part woman, how he was imprisoned in the basement of his home for nine long years and what happened ultimately to prompt his being killed and buried in an unmarked grave.

            Skullface travels around the island and, on two occasions, takes the ferry to the mainland, there to kill and return again, trying to divert attention from the kills he makes on the island. Whether he succeeds is anyone’s guess, the book is told first person and the reader never knows.

            As Halloween draws closer, so Skullface’s memories become clearer and he gets ever closer to the reason for his death. He backs off from it many times but knows that if he is to permanently die, which is what he wants, he has to confront his past and accept what he did – commit a cruel murder and accept what he is – a monster.

            When Halloween finally arrives, he makes the last walk to his home, there to confront and kill the women responsible for his existence.




February 2014

What a difference a year makes!! Skullface was finished, retitled as The Skullface Chronicles, got me a slot in the Dragons Den section of the isle of Wight Literary Festival although we didn't make it through to the last round, and finally found a home with Horrified Press. Launch date, Spring 2014. Watch this space!!

Skullface is finally out - availalble through Amazon, or Lulu or Horrified Press, check it out!

Startling artwork for the cover, immaculately proofed and sorted and laid out by the Horrified editor, I am well pleased!

This is the latest review on Amazon:

This is a darkly original take on a zombie revenge horror tale, told from the point of the view of the person who has come back from the dead and with very good reason for wanting that revenge. It is compulsive, page turning reading because you want to discover what happened to them in life as much as what is keeping them after death. The humans are as horrifying it turns out as any monster could be. At points there is very black humour, at others beautiful turns of phrase and sometimes simply a sad poignancy. It is written with a powerful voice and characters which, as with Frankenstein's monster allows you to retain empathy for the protagonist no matter how disturbing the tale and question fundamental things such as the nature of humanity. Truly unique.

And since that time I have written How Many Miles To Babylon? a handbook for wannabe writers written from the editor's point of view. If you're aspiring to write, get it!